Stoerseth Holding Ltd

Investment & advisory for next-level growth

— We help take your company to the next level of growth, with top-level advisory and capital.

Who we are

Stoerseth Holding Ltd is a corporate finance advisory firm. We help business owners and executives take their companies to the next stage of growth by providing top-level advisory as well as access to capital and structuring.

Who we work with

Working with startups and growth companies is one of our specialities, and our entire team has vast experience directly from the industry, as entrepreneurs and startup founders themselves or by working closely with these for an extended period of time, in-house or as an external.

Strategy & advice

In addition to this, we also have senior advisors with more than 30 years experience providing executive-level strategy and advise for private companies.

What we do

At Stoerseth Holding Ltd we work with company owners and executives directly and help provide an essential advisory service, where we can help structure and position the company according to new capital and business strategies as well as other tools for growth and efficiency.

Extensive network of investors

We work with an extensive network of investors, both private and institutional, to help our clients get access to capital and expand operations, however, our speciality is in debt-financing through various instruments.

Specialists in technology, finance and e-commerce

Our clients come from across the business and finance ecosystem, but our primary expertise lies with technology, finance and e-commerce.

Capital raises for all stages of investment rounds

Our advisors also help clients execute capital raises for any investment rounds, starting from seed-stage, up to a potential IPO, trade sale or acquisition.

Strategize. Raise capital. Expand business.

Today is the day to build the business of your dreams and share your mission with the world.

We can help streamline your corporate structure, devise strategies for growth and expansion and realign operations thereafter.

Choose excellence. Choose Stoerseth Holding Ltd.

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